Rockaway-Five Towns Symphony Orchestra

Patrons, Sponsors, and Friends

Our concerts are made possible in part by generous gifts from: Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP Mr. Frank Roy Meserole, and Berkman, Henoch, Peterson, Peddy & Fenchel P.C.
Annual contributors receive tickets to each concert and have the satisfaction of knowing that the communal enterprise can continue only because of their interest. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.  You are cordially invited to enroll as Angel ($200 or more), Patron ($100 or more) Sponsor ($50 or more), or Friend ($25 or more).
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Mrs. Betty Ajces
William E. Baldwin
Teresa Catallo
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin J. Coleman
Lory Diez
Mrs. Susan B. Farrell
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Feffer
Jonathan Green & Hilary Thomas
Antoinette & George Greco
Janet & Leo Hoffman
Inwood Civic Association
Eunmi Kim & Myong-Nam Kim
Lyn & Hal Kramburg

Elizabeth Laster




Patricia R. & Jack Friedland
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Gray
Holli M. Haerr
William Haft & Phyllis Haft Foundation
Barbara Susan Katz
Evelyn Kessler



Esther Bogen
Patricia Dakis
Mrs. Beatrice Deutsch
Dr. Jill Feffer

Kathy Feffer
Marjorie & Murray Freedland
Judith R. Goldsmith
Samuel & Evalee Gross
Mr. & Mrs. Karl A. Haerr
Phyllis J. Jonas
Mrs. Judith G. Kaleko

Barbara & David Kirsh
Sheila & Irv Kolodny

Shaun Lazar
Patricia Luppino
Mr. F. Roy Meserole
Mr. & Mrs. Frank N. Morgenstern
Brian Nacht
Lisa Roselli
In memory of Marie B. Ruppel
Mary L. Shaw
Gloria & Fred Strauss
St. Paul’s United Methodist Church
Mr. & Mrs. Duke J. Tullo
Marjorie S. Verby
Mrs. Joan Weinstein



Harold Nelson
Beth & Mitchell Schiffman
Veronica Sirignano
Ms. Marsha Stone
Mrs. Ruth Storti
Allyn Suntheimer & Estelle Fried
Michael & Eleonora Yeni

Mr. & Mrs. Nat Lavenda
Ms. Helen G. Pollack
Zehava & Sam Richter
Winifred Rosenzweig
Dorothy J. Silverberg
In Memory of Henry L. Silverberg
Beatrice Spector
Naomi Stonehill
Julian Wohlgemuth
JoAnn Wright

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